Born in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, Christine Polz is working as a fashion and beauty photographer in Munich and in the mountains around her hometown.

She’s drawn to nature analog photography – something often showing in her choice of color editing. Her style is characterised by soft lighting, an often painterly, moody look and a perfecting but very natural skin retouching.

Besides her passion for fashion and beauty photography she takes every opportunity to travel, to capture her adventures and write about them.

PUBLICATIONS&CLIENTS: L’Officiel Magazine, FACES Magazine, Kaltblut Magazine, Vogue Italia Online, diverse Influencer (joanaslichtpoesie, mamiseelen, typischSissi, tinchenmandarinchen, etc.), (Tourist Association Slovenia), Funk Eyewear (Sashee Schuster), Und Gretel, Tourismusverband Pillersee Tal, #feelslovenia, Junglück, Erlich Textil, Coco Malou, Namami, Circe Cover Story, Bonny Fersch Lookbook, Saksia Diez, Bergwelten, Vogue Online, div. (Theater-) Schauspieler (Ella-Maria Gollmer, Eva Patricia Kloswoski, Miriam Neubauer, Stefanie Steffen…), Fujifilm Instax, Tijn Eyewear, Portfolio Shoots for div. Agencies, Lookademy, Getty Images, div. Online Magazines (Schön!, Lucy’s, VOOM…), Nadine Cendelin, …

Christine Polz – Full-time fashion&beauty photographer, part-time blogger and sometimes traveler.